Enna Thavam seithanai – Lyrics and meaning

To all moms!

This is one of the songs we relish very much, it is about the motherhood of Yasodha, but it applies to all the moms and their children. Every child has divine power in them and no matter what they are going to be they are just kids to their moms.

It is magical. Listen to the song in the link below. I ‘ve added the tamil transliteration and close enough meaning of the lines.


What penance you did Yashodha?

To make the omnipresent parabrahmam call you Mother?

The one who created fourteen lokhas

hugged, cuddled, fed from you and heard your lullabies!

Even Brahma and Indra were jealous

to see you have the opp to tie the lord to a pounding stone so as to make him beg for your forgiveness!

Sanakaadhi rishi’s with all hardships and toiling attained the purity
that you got easily by being his mother!

Song: ennatavam seidanai yasOda
Raagam: kaapi

TaaLam: aadi
Composer: Paapanaasam Sivan
Language: Tamil

enna thavam sheidanai yasOdA
engum nirai parabhrammam ammAvenr-azhaikka (enna thavam)

IrEzu bhuvanangaL paDaithavanai kaiyil Endi shIrATTi pAlUTi tAlATTa nI (enna tavam)

bhramanum indranum manadil porAmai koLLa
uralil kaTTi vAi pottik-kenjavaittAi thAyE (enna tavam)

sanakAdiyar thava yOgam sheidu varundhi
sAdhittadai punita mAdhE eLidil pera (enna tavam)

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  1. Respected madam,
    For your kind information the keerthana “enna thavam seythanai yashoda” is composed by oothukadu venkatasubbaiyar of eigthteenth century.

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